100(+) Women Who Care Motown

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Street Address_________________________________________________________________________

City, State & Zip________________________________________________________________________

Phone (H)_______________________(W)________________________(C)_________________________

Email Address:_________________________________________________________________________


I understand that I am making a commitment to 100+ Women Who Care Motown to make an annual
donation of $400 ($100 at each quarterly meeting) given directly to local charities, non-profits and
other worthy causes serving the Detroit area. I understand that even if I did not vote for the charity
chosen by the majority vote, I will fulfill my donation commitment. I also understand that if I am not
able to attend the quarterly meeting that I will provide my check to another member to deliver or mail
in advance of the meeting.

My commitment will automatically renew, for successive one year periods, unless notice is given.


Signature_______________________________ Date_____________


I agree to have my contact information included in the 100+ WWC Membership Directory. Please check:

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Commitment forms may be completed and turned in at a meeting.

The 100+ Women Who Care Motown thanks you for your support!

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